• The Russian oil painting exhibition has come to an end a painting appreciation t...

    On the afternoon of 12 at the Inner Mongolia Art Museum successfully concluded. Many oil painting lovers gathered in Qingcheng Hohhot, warmly, rave reviews. During the exhibition, visited the exhibition of the masses in a continuous line. \"The exhibition works exhibited very high level. Before we can only through the photo copying Russian oil painting masters, finally had a chance to see the \'body\' of the painting!\" Inner Mongolia Normal Uni...MORE>>

  • Mexico traditional embroidery treasures on display in Guangzhou

    Mexico traditional embroidery exhibition in the opening 12 in Guangzhou, nearly twenty pieces of fine embroidery crafts vividly the Mexico has a long history, exquisite and unique traditional folk embroidery, Guangzhou attract many people to visit.MORE>>

  • The beauty of art judgment

    Art something judge this there is no uniform standard, beauty lies in the different viewing angles. Some net friends thought that the so-called beauty discussion art circles, in fact is a false proposition, or does not have this problem. Beautiful and not beautiful qualitative, for the use of the so-called \"art\" two word indefinitely. Even admitting that art have sentenced a beauty, or beauty and ugliness has the branch of administrative level...MORE>>

  • Changsha Street is 30 meters high giant portrait of Lei Feng statue

    Recently, a giant portrait of Lei Feng Art Statue in Changsha City Crossing Lei Feng Avenue at the early embryo. It is reported, the double statue for reinforced concrete material, 30 meters high, 6 meters thick. At present the main project has been completed, into the surrounding green off stage, is expected to be completed by the end of the. By then, the statue will be as a sign to the hometown of Lei Feng, meaning the spirit of Lei Feng is the...MORE>>

  • Fourth People's art exhibition opens in Beijing

    Sponsored by the people\'s fine arts network, our net, Beijing red hall, Kweichow Moutai liquor Co, Beijing was a vegetarian to host the fourth session of the people\'s art show in October 12, 2013 in the grand opening of the Beijing people\'s art museum. Zhu Yongxin, the vice chairman of the Central Party School of the CPC Central Committee \"study times,\" President Xiao Qinfu, nine three, Secretary General Xu Guo Quan, Beijing city hall deput...MORE>>

  • 2014 115th canton fair


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